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Self-Cover Booklet Printing

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Our Standard Self-Cover Booklet Printing Sizes are:

  • 74mm x 105mm (A7 portrait)
  • 105mm x 148mm (A6 portrait)
  • 99mm x 210mm (DL portrait)
  • 105mm x 210mm (DL+ portrait)
  • 148mm x 210mm (A5 portrait)
  • 210mm x 297mm (A4 portrait)
  • 105mm x 297mm (portrait)
  • 210mm x 280mm (portrait)
  • 105mm x 74mm (A7 landscape)
  • 148mm x 105mm (A6 landscape)
  • 210mm x 105mm (DL+ landscape)
  • 210mm x 148mm (A5 landscape)
  • 297mm x 210mm (A4 landscape)
  • 297mm x 105mm (landscape)
  • 280mm x 210mm (landscape)
  • 100mm x 100mm (100mm square)
  • 105mm x 105mm (105mm square)
  • 120mm x 120mm (120mm square)
  • 148mm x 148mm (148mm square)
  • 210mm x 210mm (210mm square)

What is Saddle Stitching?

  • Saddle stitching means that the Self-Cover Booklet is bound by two staples though the spine. The sections of the Booklet are folded, then inserted (so that the outer pages sit over the top of the inner pages), then two staples are driven through the point at which the pages meet at the back of the Self-Cover Booklet, then the Booklet is trimmed at the head, the foot and the fore edge to leave a neat finish to the sides of the Self-Cover Booklet.

Ink Colour for Self-Cover Booklet Printing

  • Black only – Obviously, this means that your self-cover booklet will be printed using black ink on white paper
  • Full colour – Your self-cover booklet will be printed in four colour process throughout

Self-Cover Booklet Printing Materials

  • Uncoated – The paper used for your self-cover booklet printing does not have a coating applied to it during manufacture at the paper mill. It has the same surface characteristics as copier paper, as used in photocopiers and laser printers. It is available in weights of 80gsm, 90gsm and 100gsm
  • Gloss art – This paper has a glossy surface. It is available in weights of 115gsm, 135gsm and 170gsm
  • Silk art – This paper has a very smooth, flat surface. It is available in weights of 90gsm, 115gsm, 135gsm and 170gsm

Turnaround Time for Self-Cover Booklet Printing

Your self-cover booklet printing order will be delivered to a mainland UK address in eight working days. If you need a faster turnaround, please phone or email us for a quote. It is probable that the faster turnaround will make the job more expensive.

Artwork and PDF Requirements for Booklets

  • We operate a PDF workflow, so please supply your Self-Cover Booklet artwork as a Press Quality PDF. If you prefer, we can create a PDF for you, in which case we will email a proof to you for approval. There is an additional charge for this PDF creation service of £20 plus VAT.
  • If any print reaches the edge of your finished Self-Cover Booklet, please add 3mm bleed to all sides of your artwork
  • We need a “quiet area” to ensure nothing important is too near to the trimmed edge of the Self-Cover Booklet; so please leave an inner margin of between 3mm and 5mm for anything other than backgrounds
  • Supply your Self-Cover Booklet artwork files to us in CMYK, not RGB please
  • The image resolution should be 300dpi or more
  • Please embed fonts or convert all of your text to shapes